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How to apply for the "Green Initiative of the Year" award

Download the application, fill it in, and send it to

1. Time to fill in the applications: 10.04.2024

2. Evaluation by the jury

3. Announcement of finalists

4. Award ceremony: To be announced

About the category

„Green Initiative of the Year" award

At the Norwegian Business Awards, we are proud to introduce the esteemed category of “Green Initiative of the Year,” a platform dedicated to celebrating the remarkable efforts of Estonian companies leading the way in environmental sustainability. In an age where preserving our planet is paramount, this category recognizes and honors businesses that have implemented outstanding green initiatives or projects contributing significantly to sustainability efforts, particularly in cooperation with Norway.

Companies eligible for the “Green Initiative of the Year” award exemplify excellence in the following areas:

Innovative environmental solutions: The company has implemented innovative and environmentally friendly solutions or projects that address pressing environmental challenges. These initiatives may encompass waste reduction, energy efficiency, sustainable sourcing, or other eco-conscious practices.

Measurable impact: The green initiative has demonstrated measurable positive impacts on the environment, such as reduced carbon emissions, conservation of natural resources, and improved air and water quality. Quantifiable data highlighting the initiative’s effectiveness will be a crucial consideration.

Commitment to sustainability: The organization showcases a genuine commitment to sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices into its core operations and demonstrating a long-term vision for environmental stewardship.

Collaboration with Norway: The company has collaborated with Norwegian partners or organizations to amplify the impact of their green initiatives. Cooperation between Estonia and Norway in environmental conservation projects is a vital consideration component.

Community engagement: The green initiative actively engages with and educates the community, raising awareness about environmental issues and inspiring others to participate in sustainable practices.

Why it matters:

The “Green Initiative of the Year” award underscores the significance of corporate responsibility in the face of environmental challenges. By recognizing and honoring businesses actively contributing to sustainability efforts, we aim to inspire others within the business community to prioritize eco-friendly practices. These initiatives benefit the environment and set new standards for corporate social responsibility, demonstrating the optimistic impact businesses can have on the world.

Benefits of recognition:

The recipient of the “Green Initiative of the Year” award will receive widespread recognition and admiration from both the local and international communities. This acknowledgment will enhance the company’s reputation as a responsible and environmentally conscious entity, increasing credibility, positive brand perception, and potential collaborations with like-minded partners.