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How to apply for the "Emerging Business of the Year" award

Download the application, fill it in, and send it to


1. Time to fill in the applications: 10.04.2024

2. Evaluation by the jury

3. Announcement of finalists

4. Award ceremony: To be announced

About the category

„Emerging Business of the Year “ award

At the Norwegian Business Awards, we celebrate the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship that transcends borders. In our endeavor to recognize outstanding achievements in the realm of business, we have introduced the prestigious category of “Emerging Business of the Year.” This category is dedicated to honoring the promising startups and emerging businesses in Estonia that have displayed exceptional growth and demonstrated a remarkable commitment to innovation and collaboration, especially in cooperation with Norway.

To be eligible for the “Emerging Business of the Year” award, a company must exhibit the following characteristics:

Innovative approach: The company showcases a creative and groundbreaking approach to solving problems or addressing market needs, leading to developing innovative products, services, or business models.

Sustainable growth: The business demonstrates substantial and sustainable growth in revenue, customer base, market share, or other key performance indicators. This growth should be a testament to the company’s potential for long-term success.

Collaboration with Norway: The company has actively engaged in meaningful collaborations, partnerships, or business initiatives with Norwegian organizations, fostering a strong economic and cultural bond between Estonia and Norway.

Visionary leadership: The company is led by visionary and passionate leaders who have effectively steered the organization toward success, inspiring their teams and setting new industry standards.

Social impact: The business has a positive social impact, contributing to the community, environment, or society, demonstrating a sense of corporate social responsibility.

Why it matters:

The “Emerging Business of the Year” award recognizes the achievements of these remarkable businesses and serves as a catalyst for their future endeavors. By highlighting and celebrating their accomplishments, we aim to inspire others in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and growth.

Benefits of recognition:

The recipient of the “Emerging Business of the Year” award will receive widespread recognition and exposure within the business community, both in Estonia and Norway. This acknowledgment can open new avenues for partnerships, investments, and market expansion, propelling the winning company to even greater heights. In celebrating the Emerging Business of the Year, we celebrate the boundless potential of startups and emerging businesses, encouraging them to continue their innovation, collaboration, and growth journey.