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On August 17, the Norwegian Chambers of Commerce in Latvia (NCCL), Norwegian Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (NLCC), and Norwegian Estonian Chamber of Commerce (NECC) invite stakeholders and closest partners to participate in an online experience exchange event on the Application and Implementation of the European Green Deal Guidelines to the Development of the Transport Sector in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

The European Union’s Green Deal strategy requires a 90% reduction in emissions from the transport sector by 2050. However, global geopolitical processes are driving the people, economies of Europe, and the world to end their dependence on Russian oil and gas as soon as possible.

Norway is a substantial producer and exporter of oil and gas. However, the country has, through the Paris agreement, committed to climate leadership and the 1.5-degree pathway. In the process of greening its economy, Norway has implemented policy schemes that have demonstrated success in cutting emissions from road transport, a sector that accounts for 33% of Norwegian emissions. To date, no other country in the world has more electric cars per capita than Norway; 82,9 percent of all new cars sold in the first quarter of 2022 were electric, and the government has ambitious goals to decarbonize further and reach the target of 55% emission reduction by 2030. Some of them include:

  • All new passenger cars and light vans sold should be zero-emission by 2025.
  • All new city buses should be zero-emission or use biogas by 2025.
  • All new heavy vans, 75% of new long-distance buses, and 50% of new lorries sold should be zero-emission by 2030.
  • The distribution of most goods in major city areas should be emission-free by 2030.


The online pan-Baltic symposium will include sharing of experiences and learnings from Norwegian entrepreneurs and government representatives, who will provide examples of best practices for Latvia/ Lithuania/Estonia.  

Participation is free of charge, but registration is required! If you are interested in attending, please contact us: at sandra@necc to get the access link!