Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

How to vote for the chamber member who has contributed the most to the community

Fill in the survey and choose your favorite among the members

1. Time to fill in the survey: 10.01.2024

3. Announcement of finalists

4. Award ceremony: To be announced

About the category

„Chamber member of the Year" award

At the Norwegian Business Awards, we understand the power of community and collaboration. In recognition of the invaluable contributions made by our chamber members, we are thrilled to introduce the exciting and engaging category of “Chamber Member of the Year.” This unique category celebrates the spirit of unity and collective effort among our esteemed chamber members, allowing them to nominate and vote for the member who has made the most significant impact on our community, fostering growth, innovation, and camaraderie.

Every chamber member is eligible to participate in the nomination and voting process. To be considered for the title of “Chamber Member of the Year,” the nominee should embody the following qualities:


Community engagement: The nominee actively engages with the local business community and demonstrates a genuine commitment to its welfare. This could involve organizing events, workshops, or initiatives that promote networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Innovation and creativity: The member showcases innovative approaches to addressing challenges, fostering creativity, and encouraging others to think outside the box. Their initiatives should inspire and contribute to the overall growth and development of businesses within the community.

Supporting others: The nominee extends support and mentorship to fellow chamber members, assisting them in overcoming obstacles, seizing opportunities, and achieving their business goals. Their willingness to share expertise and resources is paramount.

Positive impact: The member’s contributions should have a positive and measurable impact on the community, whether through job creation, economic growth, charitable activities, or any other initiatives that enhance the well-being of the community at large.

Why it matters:

The “Chamber Member of the Year” award embodies the collaborative spirit of our community. By encouraging active participation, recognizing outstanding contributions, and celebrating the achievements of our members, we strengthen the bonds that hold our business community together. This category fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie, inspiring members to continue their efforts in making our community vibrant, resilient, and supportive.