• Mingling with Kaja Kallas 24 August 2017
  • RatRace in Tallinn Old Town 02 June 2017
  • Industry 4.0 - Raising Productivity seminar in SAKU GastroPub 23 May 2017
  • Reception for NECC members at Ambassador's residence. 17 May 2017
  • Annual General Meeting with dinner 30 March 2017


Dear NECC Member,

NECC’s activities in 2015 were planned and carried out in keeping with the members’ wishes as reflected in the last Membership Survey on providing good networking possibilities for new business contacts and keeping our signature events. NECC has also been engaged in good co-operation with all the other national chambers of commerce in Estonia and organising joint events with them.


Chairman of the Board

Review of NECC activities in 2015

In January 2015, NECC conducted a Membership Survey, the results of which steered the Board’s priorities during the year and served as indication for planning future events and activities of NECC and the Board. Preferred activities as stated by the members were seminars combined with networking / mingling and company visits.

The members considered it important that NECC is part of Team Norway, which consists of Norwegian Embassy in Tallinn, Innovation Norway and NECC.

It was also mentioned that communication with / information to members and other stakeholders could be improved, which we have taken note of and now done through more active emailings from the NECC Secretary, new and more dynamic website, and our own NECC Facebook page.

In February, the Foreign Investor Council in Estonia (where NECC and the other chambers in Estonia are members) were organising a Pre-Election debate between the representatives of three major political parties.

Also in February, NECC Facebook page was launched to facilitate improved communication and marketing of events to members.

The main event in March was NECC’s Annual General Meeting and Lye Fish Dinner. Keynote Speaker of the event was Joakim Helenius who outlined to us how a future tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki could dramatically improve the business environment and growth possibilities for these two capital cities and their countries.

NECC’s most popular spring event was the Motivational Leadership Seminar with Carl Størmer of Jazz Code (including mingling) in April. The truly inspirational event arranged in co-operation with Team Norway enjoyed very high attendance.

The summer began with NECC assisting in launching a novelty Midsummer celebration as a Nordic Celebration Day at the Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum in Tallinn, attended by all Nordic embassies and Nordic Chambers of Commerce. 

Autumn season was started in the beginning of September with NECC’s traditional kick-off networking and mingling event for members and members of other chambers at the Kumu Art Museum. The event included a private tour of the personal exhibition by a well-known Estonian artist, Marko Mäetamm, followed by wine presentation by sommelier and author of wine books Rein Kasela.

NECC organised and invited other Chambers of Commerce to participate in a VIP Football evening that entailed presentation by Aivar Pohlak, president of Estonian Football Association, followed by a match between Estonia and Switzerland in October.

Team Norway’s main event in November was a Seminar on Practical Innovation with the keynote speaker Anita Traaseth, CEO of Innovation Norway, speaking on Change Leadership in Changing Times; followed by Practical Innovation Workshop led by business innovation top experts in Norway and Estonia.

Within the framework of the Dark Nights’ Film festival at the end of November, Nordic Chambers organised a joint Nordic film night featuring Norwegian film Staying Alive, starring Agnes Kittelsen who joined the audience for Q&A session after presentation of the film. 

We ended the year with a Team Norway Christmas Dinner at the Norwegian Ambassador’s Residence. Key members from the Norwegian Embassy and from Innovation Norway together with NECC members discussed the outlook for 2016. The close cooperation between Team Norway members was highly praised and provides our NECC members with an added dimension to their NECC membership.

Last but not least, NECC is, as you may know, the founder of one of Estonia’s largest charity programmes, Aitan Lapsi, which provides children in Estonia with opportunities to visit theatre, participate in Estonian Art Museum’s educational programmes and other ways of cultural education. The foundation is doing very well, collected nearly 115 000€ in 2015 and a total of 45 000 children have benefitted from it during the 4 years of its existence.

Best wishes for a prosperous and peaceful 2016!

Torfinn Losvik
Chairman of NECC