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Norwegian Team Norway in Estonia, consisting of the Norwegian Embassy and the Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce (NECC), would like to invite all companies, organizations and persons with a connection to the bilateral relations between Norway and Estonia to contribute to our new magazine:

* The Norwegian Estonian Business Insider

The overall goal of this new magazine is to provide an arena for exchange of information and a tangible platform for news updates ongoing business, social and cultural events, people and companies and private and public events. We want to go deeper in presenting people who have an active life in the Norwegian Estonian community, more direct details on Norwegians and their companies and why they have chosen to operate in Estonia. We will look back at the start and into the future, covered by a mix of input from both the public and private side of business, political and organizational life.

The layout of the magazine will be covered by the Norwegian Embassy and some of the content and distribution will be done in cooperation with Enterprise Estonia. Printing cost will be covered by the sold pages, so we will offer advertisement opportunities to all NECC company members. The focus will be on relevant content marketing that will be in line with the interests of our readers.

We look forward to introduce this new medium to the Norwegian Estonian community and of course to our dear members.

Christian Testman
Chairman of the Board

Ad Space Options

Deadline for ordering the space is Thursday, December 12th


420 x 297 mm

NECC member 990 EUR
Non-member 1290 EUR

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210 x 297 mm

NECC member 550 EUR
Non-member 750 EUR

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210 x 148 mm

NECC member 350 EUR
Non-member 450 EUR

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210 x 99 mm

NECC member 190 EUR
Non-member 270 EUR

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Distribution channels

PDF (Several local and export related lists)

In Estonia

  • Participants on the events
  • All NECC members
  • Norwegian Embassy
  • Estonian Chamber of Commerce
  • All Foreign Chambers in Estonia
  • Nordic Embassies in Estonia
  • All relevant associations, clusters and their CEOs
  • Key persons in relevant Estonian organizations and Ministries
  • Enterprise Estonia
  • Norway – Baltic States related honorary consuls (both who live in Estonia and other countries)
  • Tallinn Airport business lounge

In Norway

  • Estonian Embassy in Norway
  • Enterprise Estonia’s Oslo Office
  • Innovation Norway all offices and targeted to specific key persons
  • Norwegian clusters and associations

In The Baltic States

  • Norwegian/Nordic Chambers
  • Norwegian/Nordic Embassies
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For more info please contact Sandra Saar +372 5332 3296 or


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Established in 2007, Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce (NECC, in Norwegian: Norsk-Estisk Handelskammer, in Estonian: Norra-Eesti Kaubanduskoda) is a non-profit membership based business association for companies with Norwegian-Estonian share capital, management or co-operation. We facilitate professional networking, seminars of interests, provide relevant information regarding both Estonia and Norway and promote Norwegian companies, competence and business values.


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