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e-ESTONIA – explore the most advanced digital society!
Wednesday, 27/09/2017
Venue: Oslo Opera Theatre

With more than 2500 digital services, life in Estonia is all digital. This Nordic country pioneers in e-governance, cybersecurity, e-residency and digital health, setting an example for countries worldwide. The event was the showcase of best practices and innovative solutions for the future that other countries can learn from. NECC’s CEO Annely Särglep was part of the leading organizers’ team of this successful full-house event at the Oslo National Opera on Sept 27th, 2017.

Norwegian-Estonian cooperation in all mentioned areas is getting tighter and tighter each year. The keynote speaker Anita Krohn Traaseth, the CEO of Innovation Norway, had a very emotional and informative speech regarding the cooperation in the past and in the future. The speech is available here.

The event included a nice ceremony where Estonian Ambassador to Norway Janne Jõesaar-Ruusalu handed over Estonian eResidency ID card for Anita Krohn Traaseth after Janne’s kind opening speech about Est-Nor connections and success stories.

NECC was nicely visible through all the event and we gain more and more international interest. Our members Nordic Houses OÜ and Uptime OÜ had a possibility to use mini-stands to show their products/services. Argo Saul, the CEO of Nordic Houses and Eero Tohver, the CEO of Uptime had excellent presentations as part of the event among the best eEstonia specialists. 

More info about speakers/experts and their presentations are available here.

Event background info:

e-Estonia means voting in government elections from the comfort of your own living room. Filing your income tax return in just five minutes. Signing a legally-binding contract over the Internet, from anywhere in the world, via your mobile phone. Entrepreneurs can register businesses in as little as 18 minutes, check vital company, property and legal records online, and even integrate their own security services with the ones offered by the state. Interaction among government agencies, and between the government and citizens, has been completely transformed, making bureaucracy a thing of the past and the running of all levels of government more efficient than ever before.

The event provided first-hand information from both Norwegian and Estonian experts in innovation, e-governance, e-health and cybersecurity from the public and private sectors. 


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