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Lutefisk Dinner in Vihula Manor
Thursday, November 23 2017

Our traditional Lutefisk Dinner is back in agenda!

This year we will enjoy this traditional Norwegian Christmas Dish in Vihula Manor on Thursday, Nov 23rd.

Please find the invitation/program for the evening here!

Please register here latest this Thursday, Nov 16th!

The bus from Tallinn will leave 16 o’clock (guests will gather is in front of Viru Hotel at 15:45). Dinner starts at 19 after the business seminar and member visit (Vihula Manor). We will be back in Tallinn ca 23 o’clock.

One seat for the members is 39 EUR and for non-members is 49 EUR.

Info about the event will be constantly updated at our FB event site.

16:00 Bus Leaves Tallinn
Our bus transport will be organized by Hansabus. The bus will arrive at 15:45 in front of the Viru Hotel (Viru väljak 4, Tallinn) to pick our guests.

17:15 Arriving at Vihula Manor
Vihula Manor is 90 km from Tallinn in Vihula village, in Lääne-Viru County.

17:30 1-hour Business Seminar
What are County Development Centres and how can they help businesses?
Janek Kadarik, Manager, Development Centre of Rapla County
Anneli Hansen, Regional investment Adviser, North Estonia
Practical experience by Norwegian Jørn Johansen, CSO, BioBag International AS, foreign investor of the year nominee at EAS Entrepreneurship Award 2017

19:00 Short Concert: Grieg Cello Sonata
Edvard Grieg composed the Cello Sonata in A minor, Op. 36 for cello and piano, and his only work for this combination, in 1882–83.
Grieg Cello Sonata for cello and piano will be performed by Estonian top musicians Levi-Danel Mägila and Johan Randvere.

19:15 3-Course Lutefisk Dinner Ceremony
This 3-course Lutefisk Dinner is a special gourmet ceremony event that you can experience in Estonia ONLY during this event! 🙂

23:00 Arriving Back to Tallinn (Viru Hotel)

About lutefisk:

Lutefisk is dried whitefish (normally cod, but ling and burbot are also used) treated with lye. The first step is soaking the stockfish in cold water for five to six days (with the water changed daily). The saturated stockfish is then soaked in an unchanged solution of cold water and lye for an additional two days. The fish swells during this soaking and its protein content decrease by more than 50 percent, producing a jelly-like consistency.

When this treatment is finished, the fish (saturated with lye) is caustic, with a pH of 11–12. To make the fish edible, a final treatment of yet another four to six days of soaking in cold water (also changed daily) is needed. Eventually, the lutefisk is ready to be cooked.

For more info, please contact Annely Särlgep (e-mail: annely@necc.ee, mobile: +372 510 1004)


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