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Innovation Culture Seminar
by NECC & Norwegian Embassy

Date: Thursday, November 14th
Time: 14:00 – 17:00
Venue: Kai Art Center, Peetri 12, Noblessneri, Tallinn

Change is imperative. Innovations can only develop in a culture of innovation that promotes creativity. The culture of a company determines the relationships and actions of its employees within the company and shapes its external appearance. It is not openly visible, but shows itself indirectly through values, norms, attitudes and paradigms that employees share collectively.

Innovation is a question of innovation culture and leadership. Only the executive floor can shape the general conditions in the company in such a way that an innovation-promoting climate is created.

There are three steps to achieving success in the innovation space:

  1. Build an innovation culture.
  2. Build innovative solutions in collaboration with the business.
  3. Innovate – acquire, partner or invest in new technologies.

All three of these steps are necessary, but they must be worked through in order to achieve success. Culture, therefore, is the foundation upon which all successful innovation must be built – and it is in the development of innovation culture where many companies go awry.

Creating an innovation culture is not a project or a task. Innovation culture is a by-product of broader business decisions. For this reason, leadership has the most critical role in sparking cultural change and encouraging that change to flourish over the long term. Looking at trends, the estimate 70 percent of the impact to culture comes from leadership decisions, guidance and modeled behaviors, while the remaining 30 percent is driven by elements such as training and engagement programs.

Where to get financing for implementing new innovations?

Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in cooperation with Enterprise Estonia and Innovation Norway will open the main call for the programme “Green ICT” in the beginning of 2020. The objective is increased value creation and sustainable growth in Estonia’s private sector. Green ICT aims to stimulate and develop innovation-led long-term business cooperation between Estonia and Norway. For this bilateral cooperation projects are initiated to enhance joint business ambitions and innovation in green ICT.

Program focuses on supporting business initiatives in three areas: Green Industry InnovationICT and Welfare Technology. ICT as can be a horizontal element across Green Industry Innovation and Welfare technology. The programme will thus consist of three main pillars: (1) development and application of innovative green products, services and processes in the area of Green Industry Innovation; (2) development of new products, services and processes in the area of ICT and, (3) development of new products and services in the area of Welfare Technology.

Main call budget is 18,871,549 EUR. Implementation of the main call shall take place in three simultaneous open calls in following budgetary details:

  1. Green Industry Innovation budget is 12,515,882 EUR.
  2. ICT projects budget is 1,930,667 EUR.
  3. Welfare Technology projects budget is 4,425,000 EUR.

More info about the programme is available HERE.

Event schedule:

13:30 Gathering and coffee @Kai Art Center
14:00 Inspiration and Ideas Through Art by Karin Laansoo, Artistic Director of the Kai Art Center

Kai Art Center is the cultural heart of the seaside Noblessner harbor complex – a fascinating melange of regional history, period-tinged architecture, and modern art and culture. In a century-old former secret submarine plant, visitors will encounter captivating and thought-provoking exhibitions, art, and cinema, cafés and restaurants, a joint office for cultural organizations, and various venues for hosting events both in Kai’s interior spaces and outdoor sea view areas.

Kai Art Center aims to create an experience-filled cultural quarter that brings the contemporary art experience even closer to the public. Kai brings together artists, art and culture professionals, guests, and aficionados.

14:15 Opening by Christian Testman, NECC’s Chairman of the Board, CEO of Ocean Visuals and inventor and Ole Øveraas, Charge d’affaires of the Norwegian Embassy in Tallinn

Success Through Innovation and Norway Grants aka How the partners find each other and what is the alchemy of the winning teams? by Christian Testman

14:45 Keynote speech: Norwegian Leadership Culture: Catalyst for change or innovation laggard? by Berit Sund, PhD, IMG Nord
Berit Sund has a PhD in leadership, and works as a senior management consultant at Oslo-based IMG NORD. IMG NORD is Norway’s leading consultancy within behavioural change in organisations. They provide research-based solutions to challenges within HSSE, quality, strategy implementation, and organisational communication. Their clients include some of Norway’s largest companies in oil&gas, transportation, and financial services. Dr. Sund is the author of the book “Typisk norsk å være (selv)god? En liten bok om den norske lederstilen” (“Typical self-satisfied Norwegian? A small book about the Norwegian leadership style.”)
15:45 Coffee break
16:00 With the help of Norway Grants to Europe’s leading manufacturer of ultracapacitors by Egert Valmra, PhD, from Skeleton Technologies – Norwegian Business Awards 2018 finalist.

SKELETON Technologies is a real star from Norway Grants previous period. How do they innovate? How do they find partners and investors? What does it take to become a GLOBAL SUCCESS? Come and find out!

At SKELETON Technologies Egert holds the title of a Programme Director and is thus involved in setting up and running R&D projects as well as new product development and market research.

16:45 Norway Grants Green ICT Programme – new period by Anari Lilleoja, Norway Grants Program Manager in Enterprise Estonia
17:00 Networking, possibility to ask about partner finding, programme details, etc.
Later this evening:
19:00 Entertaining Norwegian Fish Dinner: Trout vs Lutefisk (both options are available) + quality entertainment at the best restaurant in EstoniaRestaurant NOA. The tickets with the best possible price for the 4-course dinner with matching drinks at the best restaurant in Estonia are available HERE.

The seminar is in English and is done in cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy and Enterprise Estonia/Norway Grants.

The seminar is free of charge but the registration is mandatory.

For more info please contact Annely Särglep (+372 510 1004)


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