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FICE Event:
Corporate Governance training for Board members
Venue: Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Toom-Kooli 17, Tallinn


What does CEO have to know about roles of board member’s property relations and management in a modern organisation?

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Foreign Investors Council in Estonia invite company managers and board members to participate in a training which focuses on legal and managerial aspects of certifying board members. All training participants will get Certificate of Corporate Governance by Styrelse Akademien (The Swedish Academy of Board Directors). The course provides a solid platform for future directorships.

“Boardroom professionalism is an essential ingredient for business success, regardless of industry and company size.”

2-days training will cover following topics:

  • Well-functioning board and Management, its preconditions, functions and division of roles
  • Legal aspects
  • Financial management
  • Strategic view for achieving business goals

“A certificate is a sort of guarantee that you have understood the basic principles of Corporate Governance. Compare it with a driving license for cars. You did a knowledge test and a test drive with a teacher and if you performed well you got the certificate. Are you now a good driver? Maybe, maybe not. But it is a good start and with good practicing you can be an excellent driver (board director).”

Working language: English

Participation fee (includes dinner on 15th of October):
For members of NECC, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and FICE: 199 € + VAT
For non-members: 398 € + VAT

Please register yourself via this link

About speakers:

Christer Ridstöm

Christer Ridstöm has a twenty years’ experience as owner, chair and managing directors for a various numbers of companies. Mr Christer Ridström participated is one of the founders of training programs on Corporate Governance for the Swedish Academy of Boards of Directors.

Sven Papp

Sven Papp is one of the leading and most experienced Corporate and M&A lawyers in Estonia. Sven started his career as attorney at White&Case New York and in its offices in Stockholm. He has served as board member and corporate secretary of a number of top ranked companies (Estonian Telekom, Estonian Tobacco, national electricity company Eesti Energia ect).

Registration deadline: 30th of September 2018

The seminar is organized in cooperation of KODA and FICE

For more info please contact Piret Potisepp (piret.potisepp@koda.ee)

Registration is available under this link.

About the Swedish Academy of Board Directors:
The Swedish Academy of Board Directors is a non-profit membership organisation aimed at improving corporate governance in Sweden. We have more than 7000 members, and consist of 16 regional member associations.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the importance of the work of boards and directors for profitability and growth. We advocate for boardroom professionalism, and offer training, networking opportunities and recruitment.


The Swedish Academy of Board Directors offers a wide range of different training courses. Our most well-known training course is “Effective company directorship” (Rätt fokus i styrelsearbetet). The aim of this certificate-course is to expand participants’ knowledge of corporate governance and the work of boards, to enable them to contribute to the competitiveness and success of organisations in a more active and professional manner.



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