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The online participation is simple, please just follow these 5 steps:

  1. Please register yourself here and choose the „I will join online“ option at the registration form.
  2. Please download the online participation form here.
  3. Please fill the online participation form, sign it digitally and send it to, with PoA mark the principal e-mail in the copy (cc).
    If you have a PoA, please mark the principal (the one who is represented) e-mail in the copy (cc) when sending the online participation form. Not marking the principal in copy may be the basis for checking the credibility of the PoA.
  4. Join the EGM online event at 16:00 on Thursday, December 10th (the link to the event will be sent a day before the event).
  5. Make sure you have access to internet, the possibility to digitally sign a document, have a working webcam and a microphone, have an identity document (ID-card, driving license, passport, …) available during the whole event.

Please note, if not marked as a statutory representative (for example member of the board) in the business registry then you must have a PoA. Please send the PoA with the online participation form.

PoA for Basic, Corporate and Gold members
PoA for Individual member



Additional information and instructions for online participants

General information

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, restricting movements cross borders and larger assemblies of people for an event, the Board of Directors in NECC will give every member the option of remote participation in EGM.
To comply with legislation for the such as an event as the EGM, we must adhere to a procedure for such participation online. This means ensuring remote participants are duly identified and have the valid rights of representation for the member company they represent. The actual participation itself must be formally registered, as just pre-registering is not equal to actual participation.

Due to these formal requirements, we can only allow participation online from members that are able to digitally sign the necessary documents for online participation. If you cannot comply with this requirement, we urge you to please search out another member who can represent your interests in this meeting by a PoA.

We, therefore, compel you as a member who intends to participate remotely to give us notice of your remote participation before 09th December at 12:00 so we may prepare everything accordingly. We will then send you a meeting link via Microsoft teams to your email which allows you to join the event latest 24 hours after the deadline for pre-registration.

Due to the need for administrative preparation for online participation, please respect the meeting schedule and procedure.

Please note, if you are not the registered representative according to the business registry (for example member of the board) of the member company and intend to participate you must also send the PoA.

Participation and joining with the meeting

Pre-registered online participants must be present at the start of the meeting, the conference will be closed for joining 10 minutes after the start of the event.

We must remind that all online participants are expected to be participating throughout the event, this due to the need for to maintain a quorum for voting activities, and your camera must therefore be on/active during the entire event. – I.e audio-only participation is not accepted

As an online participant you may be asked for online verification of your identity if the question is raised, so please have the ID document listed in the registration form easily available at the time of the event so it may be held up to your camera for validation.


Voting over calling back members of the board and changes to the AoA will be done by raising your hand in front of the camera during the call for the vote. The raised hands will then be counted on an equal basis as the members attending the event physically. Please be aware screenshots may be taken by the event administrator to ensure traceability in voting.

Voting for new members of the board will be done by completing a voting form for the board member candidates. The form with the board member candidates’ names will be distributed at the meeting during the presentation of the candidates.

At the same time of distributing the form for the voting of board members, a declaration of participation will also be distributed to your registered email address.

Due to the time restrictions involved to complete the election of board members, both the voting form for board members and participation form must be signed during the allotted time for voting during the event. The distributed board member voting and participation form should be filled electronically, digitally signed and sent to

Please note that the voting forms sent after the due dates marked by the Chairman of the meeting are not going to be counted.

Practical information

During the meeting, please keep your microphone muted to avoid background noise disturbances for other participants.
If you wish to speak, please use the ‘Raise hand’ function or unmute your microphone to and request to have the word or comment.


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