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Jaanus Stern

Attorney, Greinoman & Co

Motivation letter:

Dear members of the Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

Below you will find a description how I can be of help to the NECC and its members. I kindly ask you to consider my candidature as a member of the board.

I am 31 years old and been connected with Norway from the beginning of my university studies. As I am originally from the countryside (Kadrina, Lääne-Virumaa), not afraid of hard work and always solution oriented, I found myself sharing many values with the Norwegians. After graduating from The University of Tartu with master of law in 2016, I became a member of the Estonian Bar Association and decided to bind my career with the country I am so fond of.

Knowing the language gives the possibility for better dialogue. In the summers of 2019 and 2020, I participated in the upper-intermediate and advanced Norwegian summer schools held by University of Oslo. The results were good enough to continue studying in Norwegian at the universities in Norway. I am not a native speaker but can adequately use the language. Successfully organized business trips in Norway, drafting shorter legal documents in Norwegian, being familiar with the Norwegian law and holding my everyday communications with the Norwegians only in Norwegian, are some proofs.

In my work I am mostly occupied with business law, everyday business consultancy and court disputes in the field. As a colleague in a law firm Greinoman & Co I am also responsible for the well-being of the firm and have gained first-hand experience about business management.

Having a strong connection with Norway and speaking the language gives an edge in any Norway related projects. At the same time I have a good understanding about business in general and can consider myself as a legal expert in the Estonian law. Therefore I believe I can be of big help in in every day questions and project managements of the NECC and kindly ask you to consider my candidature.

Comments, questions for candidate

Jaanus Stern


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